Houseplant Care Tips for Thriving Plants

Care is so important for the survival of your plants. Here are some basic houseplant care tips that will help you keep your new plant babes alive and thriving.

1. Clean Your Plants

Houseplant care tips - clean plant leaves regularly

Plants need to be cleaned regularly. A good cadence for this is about once a month. You can either wipe down each leave with a soft cloth and water or you can take your plants to the shower and spray them down. If you choose to spray them down, be careful that you are not over-saturating the soil. We recommend to only use this method when watering day coincides with cleaning day. Cleaning your plants regularly will keep your plants free of dust and help you catch any pests, such as aphids and spider mites, before they take over.

2. Increase Humidity

Houseplant care tips - Misting your plants can increase humidity

A lot of the plants we now call “houseplants” have origins in subtropical and tropical regions. So they love high humidity. Indoor humidity levels can sit around 10%-30% and most indoor plants are going to do best at 50% or higher. In order to increase humidity, you can add a humidifier, water tray, group plants together, or mist them a few times a day. You can even build a terrarium for your plants if you’re feeling crafty 🙂

3. Research Plant Care Requirements

Just like us humans, ‘one size fits all’ rarely works for plants. Each plant is unique and therefore requires its own set of care instructions. Even within the same genus (i.e. philodendron, monstera, anthurium, etc.) plants can require different levels of humidity, light, and water. Learning your plants specific care requirements can make a HUGE difference in how quickly it grows and how long it lives.

4. Give Your Plants Bright Light

Houseplant care tips - provide your plants with bright light

Light is SUPER important when growing plants. Indoors, you are not likely to achieve the same levels of light that a plant would get growing in a greenhouse or in the wild. Placing your plant even a couple of feet away from a window can drastically reduce the amount of light your plant is receiving. If you do not have good indoor lighting, but have a strong desire to grow plants, consider investing in a plant grow light. Check out this guide to indoor lighting for specific plants.

5. Keep Soil Moist, Not Soggy

Allowing your soil to dry out completely reduces the amount of oxygen the roots can receive, which can affect the health of your plant. For most indoor plants, it’s best to have a nice airy/chunky soil that allows for quick drainage but doesn’t dry out too quickly. Search for something that has a combination of bark, coconut husk and coir, perlite, and biochar. When you water, pour water over the soil until you see it flowing out of the drainage holes. That brings me to my next point.

Houseplant care tips - keep soil moist, not soggy and use pots with drainage holes.

6. Use Pots With Drainage Holes

Using pots with drainage holes will help you avoid the dreaded root rot. It’s a good practice to flush your plants soil of salt buildup from fertilizer periodically and that’s just impossible to do when you don’t have a hole in the bottom of your pot. If your pots don’t have drainage hols, you risk either flooding your roots or never giving your plant the drink that it really wants because you are afraid of flooding your plant. Having drainage holes just makes plant care so much easier to understand. If your pots don’t have drainage holes, check out this post on what to do.

7. Fertilize Regularly

Plants need nutrients to survive and even a good potting mix will only supply all the necessary nutrients for a short time. We always suggest going with a balanced organic fertilizer. With an organic fertilizer, you won’t burn your plant if you accidentally use more than the directed amount. We fertilize with every other watering year round, even during the winter.


If you use these houseplant care tips, your plants will reward you will beautiful growth for years to come.

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